I have never been athletic or active. I tried several times to “get in shape” or lose weight and I thought that just required eating salad, lots of fruit, and no bread/sugar, running and situps. I tried doing workout videos, running in the neighborhood, taking the bun off my burger, eating smaller portions, and cutting sugar. None of this kept me interested and none of it gave me real results. I struggled more because I have a thyroid disease and that creates a bit of a road block in my metabolism and energy. I had zero confidence and hated my […]


I started CrossFit in October 2015. I had hit rock bottom and was depressed and overweight. I had tried this gym and that gym and diet after diet. Nothing seemed to work. I came across an ad for a CrossFit gym on Facebook and was surprised to see people like me working out and cheering each other on. I decided I would give it a try. I was so scared and had absolutely no confidence. I wasn’t even sure I would have the time to commit myself to the gym. My attitude quickly changed once I started. A variety of […]


“I call it my place of solitude. I love every moment I’m there and always look forward to that part of my day.”- Fredrick, 23


“I look forward to being at CrossFit 910 every day. It’s been the best decision I’ve made for myself!”~ Erin, 26


“Starting my training at 49 years of age and 6 years away from any physical conditioning program was challenging…..no, it was demoralizing and humbling to be honest. Having said that, I can say with absolute conviction, that it has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I could relay all of the amazing gains I have made in this program physically, but they would be outweighed by the growth I have achieved as a human being through it. CrossFit is a great program, but the coaches that mold and develop you, the fellow athletes that […]


“Training at CrossFit 910 has change my life in a positive way and I am so blessed. The coaches are incredibly helpful! Without them I would not have been able to accomplish my personal fitness goals! I love it!” ~Damarys, 45


I have always been active. Always tried different workouts and diets, different ways to get the “quick fix”, in which most of those ways were super unhealthy. Less food  + more work=less fat. When your body image is as low as the pits of hell you’ll do anything to be like the image that is acceptable in society. I always was the “bigger but your pretty” friend. Who wants to hear that crap? I went through the depression, the anger of why my mother has blessed me with some junk in the trunk, the crying with the “poor me” attitude. […]