Our Staff

Joe Darder-Uquillas


*CrossFit level 1
*CPR / First Aid

Coach Joe has been doing CrossFit for about 2 years after trying it to just get in shape. He was hooked after that. He went and pursued his L1 Cert fresh out of high school. Before that Joe played baseball for 14 years. Not only does he CrossFit but he is also an Olympic weightlifter and has competed on multiple national platforms.


Shawn Goodwin

Owner and Coach

*CrossFit Level 2
*CrossFit Level 1
*CrossFit Scaled
*CrossFit Judges Course 2017
*CPR / First Aid
*Eat To Perform Certified Coach L1

An Army contractor for 18 years, following 6 years in the Army, coach Shawn’s advancement to a “chair”borne supervisor caught up with him.  Many diets and exercise programs later he tried CrossFit and never looked back.  During his work travels he saw the best and worst in CrossFit gyms; through personal relationships, avid diet and exercise research, and customized training, he strives to make each member’s experience positive and a success.

Coach  TJ Whitlow



*CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

*CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

*CrossFit Judges Course 2017

*CrossFit Scaling Course

*CPR/First Aid

CrossFit found TJ during his time in the Army and, after retirement, he continues to push himself and others around him to get stronger, faster, and embrace a healthy lifestyle. Coach TJ is an active CrossFitter with 6 years of experience as an athlete and 2 years of experience coaching CrossFit. He loves motivating people and getting them to perform at their absolute best. Team Whitlow (TJ, Kelly, Wes and Zac) loves the outdoors and enjoys everyday life has to offer!